If your home is not blessed with enough closets, consider adding an armoire. “Armoire” is a French word that refers to any tall, stand alone storage cabinet. Armoires were first used in the 16th century to store arms and armor (hence the name); in the 21st century, we use them as very attractive stand ins for closets. In other words, when you need to
hide things behind doors, voila! an armoire is the perfect solution. The beauty of an armoire is that it can be totally custom designed to fit the avilable space, yet it will look as if it was designed as part of your decor. We usually design your armoire long doors to hide hanging space, shelves and drawers, just like a shallow closet. It truly can be built in any size to accomodate your storage needs. A small armoire with drawers is a great addition for the bedroom to keep small objects such as remote controls, cable wires, eyeglasses, medicines etc. As in the picture above, you can include a cut out to hold a television, with shelving to hold the dvd player below. Deeper armoires are perfect for to hanging clothes, as clothing storage requires at least 24 inches in depth. Virginia Spacemakers can design an armoire in any color or finish, including white, almond, black or any of seven wood-grained finishes. As pictured below, you can opt for contrasting finishes for cabinetry and doors–very cool. Glass door insets work wonderfully, with frosted glass if you prefer.

An armoire enhances the ambience of a house decorated with antique furniture, and it also fits well in a contemporary decor with minimalist appeal. The beauty of an armoire is it can be installed nearly anywhere you need extra storage and instantly hides and/or organizes masses of stuff that previously had no home. In short, an armoire is the perfect storage solution for both formal or private rooms, because of the broad versatility and limitless possibilities for custom design. Any home that lacks closets or storage space will benefit from the addition of an armoire.