An Organized Garage – The Envy (and Amazement!) of Your Neighbors

Have you ever seen one of those garages that is stacked to the rafters with junk? Maybe when you’re walking in your neighborhood, you walk by someone’s house and the garage door is open, and you can see it’s filled with boxes, bicycles, sports equipment, whatever–and you think, “How can they live like that?” Well, […]

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An Attic Walk-In Closet You Want to Entertain Guests In – It’s that Beautiful

Can you imagine having a closet so beautiful, you want to give your house guests a tour? This spacious attic was already a very attractive space, with light hardwood floors, beautiful dove gray paint and gorgeous arched windows with plantation shutters. We simply enhanced the room’s charm by installing custom fitted shelving and hanging spaces […]

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Entertainment Center is a Beautiful, Family Friendly Storage Solution

An entertainment center has become an essential part of family life, as we gather around the tv to watch the latest dvd, catch up on the news, play a video game, or root for our favorite “American Idol” contestant. But how do you organize all of it? The challenge is to keep the entertainment center […]

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No Walk-In Closet? Consider an Armoire

If your home is not blessed with enough closets, consider adding an armoire. “Armoire” is a French word that refers to any tall, stand alone storage cabinet. Armoires were first used in the 16th century to store arms and armor (hence the name); in the 21st century, we use them as very attractive stand ins […]

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