Have you ever seen one of those garages that is stacked to the rafters with junk? Maybe when you’re walking in your neighborhood, you walk by someone’s house and the garage door is open, and you can see it’s filled with boxes, bicycles, sports equipment, whatever–and you think, “How can they live like that?” Well, the good news
is–nobody needs to live like that.

Pictured here we have a good example of how garage organization systems make the most of a large open space. In this design, we used a combination of floor mounted and wall hung units. The floor mounted unit usualy works well on the back of the garage wall because the floor is level and flat and the unit is sturdy when anchored to the wall and correctly installed. On the other hand, when you work with the side walls, which are generally slanted toward the front of the garage (to accomodate drainage) it is preferable to use a wall suspension system. Also, you need to leave plenty of space to store your cars, which is what a garage is for after all.

When installed properly, these suspension system can hold a tremendous amount of weight. The garage shelving system is, by it’s very nature, going to be required to hold alot of weight, because this is where you want to store heavy boxes of books, tools, and sports equipment, bicycles and the like. The garage cabinets we used here are almond colored laminate with black pvc edge–tasteful, with a slightly masculine edge. We used 10″ chrome handles to add a little bit of pizazz and style. The garage cabinets are made of 3/4″ commercial grade melamine, an incredibly sturdy material that lasts literally decades. You can clean it with regular household cleaners, it is fairly impervious to moisture (however, don’t let it sit in standing water) and wears really well. Cabinets that we installed 10 years ago and more still look terrific.