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Entertainment Center is a Beautiful, Family Friendly Storage Solution

An entertainment center has become an essential part of family life, as we gather around the tv to watch the latest dvd, catch up on the news, play a video game, or root for our favorite “American Idol” contestant. But how do you organize all of it? The challenge is to keep the entertainment center […]

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A Home Office Should Fit Your Working Style

You’ve decide you want to turn a room in your home into an office – what now? You want a space that will fire your creativity, increase your productivity, and be very, very easy to keep organized. In fact, your home office should be so beautiful and organized that you don’t need to keep the […]

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Cedar Closets are the Perfect Solution for Out of Season Storage

When you are looking for longer term storage for items such as furs, formal wear and out of season clothes, you may look at your attic space as a place to put a closet. In that case, think of adding a cedar lining to your closet. A cedar closet is an excellent way to protect […]

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A Closet Doesn’t Need to Hide When It’s This Beautiful

Not all closets are created equal. Sometimes a closet needs to be a lot more like furniture, blending and complementing with the decor, especially if it is not hidden behind closed doors. This is a closet design that required a sense of perspective and experience, as well as some knowledge about interior design. We started […]

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No Walk-In Closet? Consider an Armoire

If your home is not blessed with enough closets, consider adding an armoire. “Armoire” is a French word that refers to any tall, stand alone storage cabinet. Armoires were first used in the 16th century to store arms and armor (hence the name); in the 21st century, we use them as very attractive stand ins […]

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How to Increase the Storage in Your Walk-In Closet and Stop Worrying

Walk in closets can be designed in myriad different ways to fit your space, your wardrobe and your lifestyle. It is very important to to work with the flow of the room and your personal daily routine as you try to come up with the proper storage solutions for the room. As a designer with […]

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