Not all closets are created equal. Sometimes a closet needs to be a lot more like furniture, blending and complementing with the decor, especially if it is not hidden behind closed doors. This is a closet design that required a sense of perspective and experience, as well as some knowledge about interior design. We started designing this armoire with the customer’s desire to achieve an elegant, timeless look, and
at the same time utilize every inch of available space. This armoire is 24″ deep all around, and it is always a little difficult to design with such a tight corner. Due to the fact that they wanted a storage solution that would have all the clothes behind doors to keep the dust out, the closet is apportioned into hanging space, shoe storage space, and space for folded items. The corner unit was dedicated to dress length items, as well as evening dresses.

The crowning glory of this armoire were the glazed glass inserts in raised panel doors, which took it from being a mere closet to a beautiful piece of built-in furniture. We also took the panels all the way to the ceiling to utilize the height of the room. Finally, the fascia and crown molding completed the look and allowed the armoire to blend well with the decor of the rest of this home located in Georgetown, northwest DC.

No, a closet doesn’t have to be something you hide and certainly in the case of this stylish armoire, a closet can be something you love to show off. A final note, a subtle lighting scheme really creates a mood of relaxation and quiet good energy, such as the small recessed lighting fixtures in the image above.